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"Seasons" challenge master list

I've finished posting the "Seasons" challenge works, and I hope you enjoy them! If you sent me something and it's not here, or there are any problems with the posts, please let me know here or by emailing xie.kay at gmail.com.

Here's the master list:

Reflection by xie_xie_xie (fic)

A Love Through All Seasons (headers) qafmaniac

Hot and Cold (drabble) by bluemchenkaffee

A Queer as Folk Advent Calendar (fic) by rainbow1907

And If Ever I'd Leave You (fic) by wren_kt7oz

Season Three icons (icons) by michira_70

The Winter (Spring) Olympics (fic) by mander3_swish

The Last Fall Of Brian Kinney (art) by nemesia_poo

Seasons of Change (fic) by IJ's hounded (AKA Rebel, Xie's dog)

We Dreamers (fic) by guavejuice

Winter Had Me in its Grip (fic) by IJ's frantic_quest

Authors and betas will be named in five days. Until then, if you're the creator of the work, please don't identify yourself or cross-post. I suggest you track the post for your own works so you don't miss any comments, and remember, these are being posted on the IJ site, too, so track there as well!
Tags: seasons challenge

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